About the founders

Meet Karen                       

My own personal journey to being an Advisor for Altruistic Surrogacy, technically began in 2004 with my first egg donation.  The need to relieve anguish from infertility sufferers, has been present in my life for as long as I can remember.  But it was after my first egg donation, where the idea that the infertility world would play a huge part of my families future, was well and truly cemented.

I proceeded with my second egg donation before deciding to extend my own ‘take home’ bubs, from two to four beautiful crazies.  It was after the birth of our fourth bub that the Queensland Government legalised altruistic surrogacy.  Perfect timing!!

I went on to complete two more egg donations and then became an incredibly proud Tummy Mummy in October 2011.  This journey was not only life changing for myself, but was also an indescribable joy for my whole family.  With respect, honesty and love we were entrusted the job of enabling life to someone else’s child.  I will always see the role of the intended parents as truly the inspiration part of our journey.

My surrogate bub’s pregnancy,  coincided with the conception of the Surrogacy Australia group.  I was instantly attracted to the idea of becoming involved with an organisation, that was to give a voice to international and local surrogacy.  I held the role of Membership Officer for a few years, and also helped on the organising committee for the annual Surrogacy Australia conference.

It is very exciting to be involved in such a concept as Altruistic Surrogacy.  The supply of comprehensive information, and the offer of support to intended parents, surrogates and service providers within the surrogacy community, has always been a passion.  I truly love talking about surrogacy to anyone who will listen!

Besides the excitement of forming  Altruistic Surrogacy, my family and I have decided to embark on our second surrogacy journey.  We are currently getting all our i’s dotted and t’s crossed, and will begin baby making very soon…..so stay tuned!!!

My other hats include, a stay at home mum, doting wife, an expat loving life in Port Moresby, PNG, and I am currently wearing a very tight fitting and emotional hat, of a boarding parent.

We at Altruistic Surrogacy wish you all the very best in your future plans.  We also sincerely hope this site plays a small part in providing, both an educational and an emotional platform, to incite belief for on shore surrogacy.

Thanks so much for visiting us at Altruistic Surrogacy ………. xxxx



 Meet Rachel                    

I have been working in the infertility community for many years. In 2005 I decided to donate my eggs after the birth of my second child.  I started looking for information on egg donation on the internet and was directed to the support forum Aussie Egg Donors. By mid 2005 I had donated my eggs to a wonderful couple and had taken over administration of Aussie Egg Donors, where I held the admin role for the next six years.  During this time,   I also undertook two more successful egg donations, to two more couples; had my third child; and started down the surrogacy path.

In 2008 I entered a submission to the Parliamentary committee that was formed to determine whether Queensland should decriminalise altruistic surrogacy. As a result I was asked to talk at the hearing and many of my recommendations were adopted into the Queensland Surrogacy Act 2010. In 2010 my dream of becoming a surrogate came true, when I gave birth to my first surrogate son. The journey to his birth, inspired me to continue my work in the surrogacy community.

In 2011 I gave birth to twins, Huxley and Elijah, for same sex parents Michael and Jared.  I have enjoyed watching the twins grow and occasionally visit to see the havoc they play on their father’s lives. In 2012 I joined the Surrogacy Australia committee as a surrogate liaison and have helped support many surrogates during their own surrogacy journeys since.

I am now working with a new couple, in what will be my third and final journey into making a difference in one couple’s lives.  I am well educated in the surrogate process within Australia, and I love to meet people on the same path and help steer them in the right direction.