A big warm welcome to you!!!
 The idea of this website was conceived from the ever present feeling of frustration that surrounds the surrogacy community.  As experienced surrogates we know all too well the lack of accessible and straight forward information on Surrogacy within Australia, and it was this hurdle that we desperately wanted to help the public overcome. 
So after we had consumed many coffees,  enjoyed many lunches…. disguised as ‘business meetings’….. and had many late night discussions on ridding Australia of all its surrogacy problems, the concept Altruistic Surrogacy, was finally born!
This is your website!!  Whether you are an intended parent struggling with how to travel the path to parenthood, a potential surrogate wanting to know if this commitment is really for you or a professional searching for a little more knowledge, on how to deal with this socially and legally new form of third party reproduction in Australia, we hope the site assists you all with your respective endeavours.  Please spend time investigating …… visit the information pages, access the forum for support and if we can assist you further with your enquiries into Australian Surrogacy, please think about our free skype sessions (available to members) or simply email us.  Check out our events section and find out when the next catch up is organised for your state.  These events are a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people, and can certainly aide in you not feeling quite so alone in your venture.
Thank you for visiting us and hope to see you again soon…..
Rachel & Karen…….xxx